I'm just gonna come right out and say it.
I want a baby.  I am baby hungry starving.
Every time I see a picture of a newborn (or basically any child under the age of 3) I start feeling sorry for myself because, more than likely, it will be about 3 years before I will be able to have one for myself.  And to top it all off, it seems like pretty much every female I've ever met is pregnant or just had a baby.  Okay, that's an exaggeration, but only a small one.  Two of my facebook friends announced they were expecting on the same day last week.  Way to rub it in, guys.  Not to mention how pretty much every woman in church is sporting either a baby bump or a baby.  I am not going to tell you about all the times I've gotten choked up when I see a couple on a TV show or even a music video have a baby.  Or announce a pregnancy.  We'd be here all day.  I know I'll be a mom someday, and I'm trying to be patient, but let's face it... I've never been the most patient person.
Tonight, as I was blog stalking, I read a girl's post that she published on Mother's Day.  In one part of it, she said,
"Don't feel left out this day, but be proud of the hard work and dedication you are giving your unborns."
I'm pretty sure she was talking to those who are having a hard time getting pregnant, but it really stood out to me.  I am working hard for my kids!  I'm going to school (well, I used to be and I'm going back once I'm allowed) so I can have a good job.  I'm doing what I need to so they will have the things they need.
Will you be a pal and remind me of this every once in a while? I'd really appreciate it.  Until then, I'm just going to work hard and be dedicated to those little guys up in Heaven waiting for the right time to come to our family.
Thank you, random blogging girl.  You made me feel a little better.


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear sweet Ash!
Ugh how do I tell you all the things I want to say? For one I totally hate when people say "oh honey dont worry your time will come" I know they say that to make you feel better but lets be honest it doesnt, with our recent year and situations behind us I felt like telling those people "I dont want to wait for my time to come I want my baby right now dont you understand!?" but alas I just shoke my head and said thank you because Heavenly Father knows me and my family and what we need and I dont. Second I already knew what an amazing mommy you were going to be and now I know what an amazing mommy you are already choosing to give your children a wonderful life in a loving home is what being a mommy is about to me and the way I see it that is what you are doing for your sweet babies patiently waiting for you! I love you Ash and admire the beautiful mommy that you already are... :)

Jessica said...

I can't wait for you ands Sam to have babies too! I'm pretty sure they are going to be as close to as cute as mine as they can be;) I bet the next 3 years will fly by and we'll be holding your little ones before we know it! (Little Samantha and Tatumn...oh didn't you know I named your kids for you? You're very welcome:) You'll have twins girls first, but they don't need rhyming names, cuz thats just a tongue twister waiting to happen- everyday!) LOVE YOU TONS ASH!!!!

Blake and Jordan said...

Aw, ashley! I have been down on myself too lately. My dr. wants me to wait a little bit before having another baby and we were so ready NOW! It's like a knife in the heart every time I hear that people who were expecting when we had Sawyer are pregnant with their second! Dont be sad! I love what the random blog girl said! And it's true, you're working hard to prepare for your babies, and your famliy will appreciate it!:) You know what cures baby hunger? BABYSITTING! you and sam need to watch ALL of your nieces and nephews for a whole weekend! Poof! You will be taking birth control at least 5 times a day:)

JamienJake said...

I will just say this...You are going to make the best looking babies! And I am sure those beautiful babies are looking down at you from heaven cheering you on, and being just as impatient to come! They are so lucky to have chosen such an amazing mommy who is working so hard and preparing a wonderful life for them to be born into. You are wonderful Ash. Love you!