Awkward & Awesome Thursday

I'm starting something a little new.  Pretty much, I'm just gonna tell y'all about some stuff that has happened lately that has been either awkward or awesome.  To find some more people who are also awkward and awesome, just take a little clickity-click adventure over here.  Or just click on the new button on my sidebar under Site Seeing.  Either way will get you there.  Anywho, here goes nothin.

  • This morning when I left for class, I was greeted by the neighbor dog, Sookie.  I was so distracted by her tiny Yorkie cuteness that I walked right past my car parked in front of the building and walked around to our assigned parking space on the side.  This wouldn't have been so bad, except for Sookie's owner witnessed the whole thing.
  • I always have that feeling that a bogey is hanging out of my nose during class.  There never is a bogey (thank goodness) but it's still unnerving.
  • I'm starting to kind of enjoy educational TV.  What?
  • My dreams last night.  One involved having a miscarriage and being told that at least I could know if the baby was a boy or a girl now.
  • In another dream, I was driving and got run off the road by a trucker.  I called the "How am I driving?" number and was told to explain the driver and got hung up on when I couldn't.  This gets its own bullet because I almost got run off the road by a pickup truck on my way to class today.  I think my dreams are psychic.
  • Husband is better at making truffles than I am.
  • We started the reproductive system today in class.  This wasn't as awkward as it would have been if I was still at EAC, but it was still a little awkward.  
  • Yesterday Sam and I were playing Mario on the Wii.  We were doing the coin battle, and I got really mad that he kept eating my Luigi with his Yoshi, so I hit him with the Wii-mote.  Twice.  Overreaction?  Possibly.
  • The numbers four and fourteen have the letter u in them.  Forty does not.  I find that weird.
  • The way I look when I take Zoey outside for potty time first thing in the morning.  I basically just roll out of bed and go.  Beautiful.
  • When I parked my car in the college parking lot today, my odometer said 222.2
  • Taco Bell for lunch.
  • I am getting a little tanner.  I have a tan line on my feet from my flip flops (even if it is very faint and maybe I'm the only one who can really see it...)
  • Zoey is still afraid of the vacuum and sometimes (aka every time I vacuum) it's fun to follow her around with it.
  • I broke the garbage disposal the other day.  Husband fixed it.  He is handy.
  • These Resse's.  Whoever invented them is genius.  They are perfect (the candy, that is. I doubt the person who invented them is actually perfect, even if he or she is a genius.  No offense.).
  • Zoey tried to eat a cotton ball last night.  It was quite hilarious.
  • My excessive use of phrases in parentheses in this post.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides comes out in two weeks!  Yay!  Please watch the trailer.  Please.  You'll be glad you did.
  • One more final and one more lab practical, and I am done with my pre-reqs!


Allen and Terri said...

I love your ramblings... they're the best and such an awesome way to keep up with you and Sam.

Kourtney Dawn said...

Why isn't Will and Elizabeth in this one??!! Kinda ticks me off!!! I also love your rmblings, I miss you....