Here they are! and in the most random order i could muster up, no less. Ok, so i'm just not feeling up to dragging all the pictures into an order that makes sense. next time i am going to do a post with lots of pictures, someone remind me to upload them in reverse order, k?

Sam is kind of weird sometimes. Like when he chews on my face...

i asked him to hold my bouquet and this is what i got. isn't he so pretty :)

They loved those shoes. Don't let them tell you any differently.

Tera-dactyl. she's just so cute, even if she does steal phones:)

there they are! i think i got a little carried away... i wasn't planning on putting so many on here. i just love them all though! i couldn't stop!


my super exciting life right now

since i pretty much do nothing all day, i've decided to become more creative with my hair. i know, how exciting of me, right? i've pretty much worn my hair the same all my life, with the exception of the bangs that have somehow found their way back into the show (even though i swore i'd never have them again. i really stick to my guns...). anyway, today i was especially bored and this is what happened.

a fish tail braid. i'm not gonna lie, it was kinda hard, but i'm sure that problem will go away when i grow another arm. also, i've thought about cutting my hair. i probably wont, but if i did, i'd want it to be like beki's from whippy cake. (there's a link to the site in one of my sidebars. check it out. i'm addicted.) however, i'm kind of a wimp and i know i would cry. and i'm afraid that i wouldn't be able to pull it off. so anyway, there is a glimpse into my very eventful life...

anyone wanna come visit and keep me company while sam is at work? :)


sneak peek

for a vip look at some wedding pictures, just skip on over to this blog.

when i get the disc i'll post some of my favorites on here, but for now, enjoy the ones sarah put up.


it's finally here :)

hey there! i know you all have been waiting on the edges of your seats for this moment, and all that patience has finally paid off! i finally got some creative juices flowing (with much prompting from my mom and sisters) and got this blog going. hopefully we'll get our wedding pictures soon and then i'll post some of them (ok, maybe all of them) for you guys to enjoy... don't worry, i'm getting a little impatient about that part, too.

Not much has been happening with us since we've been married. Sam works a lot, but I tough it out and try not to be a pansy. I'm just trying to keep myself busy while he works all day (or all night).

So i guess that's about it for now. ciao!