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It's time for Awkward and Awesome Thursdays (the Tuesday edition).
  • An old boyfriend sent me a text message the other day telling me he had a dream about me.  He said we made out in it.  
  • Today when I got to school, a guy in my class said he saw me running yesterday.  That's just embarrassing.  I look like a moron when I run.
  • I'm pretty sure the people that lives next to us are set on getting some type of cancer.  She goes and lays by the pool almost every day (if I wouldn't have known what she looks like in the winter, I would think she was black), and he smokes.  Death wish, anyone?

  • My first item of awesome-ness also counts for a day in my 30 day challenge. Behold:
Day 18:  A time when you felt passionate and alive
 I just got done with my very last prerequisite course for dental hygiene!!! Happy day!  Now I will be able to apply for the program (if I get at least a B... which I'm thinking I will... hopefully) and be that much closer to being done done done with school! Forever!
Ahem... regaining composure and moving on...

  • We were finally approved for a loan and have started house hunting in Sahuarita!
  • Watching Wings on Netflix.  What a great show!
  • Apples with peanut butter. Mmmm....
  • The fact that Glee made that annoying "Friday" song bearable.  I didn't think it was possible, but they somehow did it.
We so excited....


JamienJake said...

Your blog always cheers me up. Silly ex-boyfriend,and I would have to agree on the "Friday" song! Only Glee

Jessica said...

I totally thought the same thing about the Friday song too! And yay for house hunting and school!!!!

Kourtney Dawn said...

Your "we so excited" made me extra happy!!! I also just had an awkwad ex moment. I will share it with you one day!