Bragging Rights

I have always known I picked an awesome husband.  Here are some things he's done lately.

  • Washed my car.
  • Taken off my toenail polish (the glitter kind that is SUPER hard to get off).
  • Paid off the washer and dryer.
  • Not made fun of me for crying over silly things.
  • Told me he's proud of me when I go running.  Even though I'm really slow.
  • Scrubbed the shower until it literally sparkled.
  • Got acrylic paint out of the carpet.
  • Put an extra blanket on me in the morning before he leaves for work so I don't get cold.
Seriously people, he's the best.  The cat's pajamas.  The bee's knees.  The bomb dot com.




Hey guess what I did! 
I drew on a canvas.
 Then I painted it.
 Then I painted it a little more.

Now I'm gonna hang it up in my room and call it art.  Because that is what it is.

I've also been doing pretty well at the whole running thing.  I started on January 3rd, and since then I've ran about 33 miles.  Usually I don't get to 6 days a week, but I'm trying.  I have gotten to where I usually run about 2 miles when I go running.  One day last week I ran 3.21 miles.  I was (am still) quite proud of myself.  Maybe I'll actually be able to do the 5k race for Founder's Day in Joseph City!  Hopefully I don't lose my toenail before then (or at all).  Did you know that happens? Some people lose toenails because they run so much!  I hoped it wouldn't happen to me, but the other day my toenail got a little beat up on my run.  It is still hanging on, but I am scared for its life. 

Wow did I really just blog about toenails? Weird... Also, sorry.