Talk Nerdy to Me

The results are in!  Final grade for Biology 202, Anatomy & Physiology II:
I got a B!  Which is perfectly dandy with me because that is all I needed to be eligible for the dental hygiene program.  I still don't know what I got on the last test, but evidently it wasn't too bad because I didn't fail the class.  I'm pretty proud of myself though, because let me tell you, that class was pretty rough.
So here is the plan for the next couple of months (aka years):

  1. Celebrate the fact that I don't have any more pre reqs.  
  2. Apply to the dental hygiene program.
  3. Wait to see if I get accepted.
  4. Find a job.  Preferably in a dental office so I can get my feet into the business.
  5. Start the program in the fall of 2012 and get'r done!
  6. Graduate in 2014, get a job and start rakin' in the big bucks.
And for proof that I did actually go to school and wasn't just saying so, here is the stack of papers from this semester.

And just so you can appreciate the thickness of this stack, here is a little comparison for y'all.  One semester of lectures, labs, notes, tests and lab practicals versus Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Save some trees, take online classes.



Jessica said...

YAY!! Congratulations! And holy cow on all those notes, papers, etc! You were one busy chick- GOOD LUCK with all your job hunting and stuff!!!

Kourtney Dawn said...

Yay!!! Smarty pants!!! I love you!!!!