I really rock at procrastinating.  It always amazes me how motivated I can be to do things other than what needs to get done.  I'll do things that I only kind of didn't want to do before to put off things that I really don't want to do at the time.  Does that even make sense?  Maybe try reading it again and it will. Better?  Well that's the only way I can think of putting it, so hopefully y'all understand. Homework is my favorite thing to procrastinate.  In fact, I am putting off doing my organic chemistry homework right now.  In my defense, I've done some of it.  Probably like a quarter of it.  I was on a roll until I got cold.  Then I just started finding stuff to do.  Like put clothes in the dryer and dishes in the dishwasher, throw away some old papers that we don't need... you know, stuff that just couldn't wait.  Then I decided to finally import my bridal pictures from the disc onto my computer.  That couldn't wait, either.  And then I realized I haven't shared these with you yet!  How selfish of me, right?  So of course I couldn't keep that selfishness going any longer and I had to get going on this post!  Anyway, Kristal is awesome and took these of me back in the day when I was still a ms. and not a mrs. 

 Oh these shoes.  I just loved them.  They were so uncomfortable but so worth it.  
 Love the lighting in this one.

 It was seriously all about the shoes.

There you have it.  I guess I better get back to my homework.  But maybe I'll play with Zoey first.



We got a puppy!!! I have been bugging Sam about getting one for a while... probably since the day after we got married.  I would have been happy with any old puppy, but Sam was picky.  He wanted a Jack Russell Terrier.  And not just any jack russell.  It had to be a girl.  It had to be pure bred.  It had to have short legs.  It had to have a patch.  So you can imagine that it took some time to find a good one.  I had all but given up on finding a puppy anytime soon.  But on monday, we were looking on the internet for JRTs anywhere even kind of close (heck, we were even willing to go to el paso!) and we saw an ad that had been placed 2 hours earlier. and these people were in goodyear! destiny? i think so.  So we sent an email and got a reply the next day, and on wednesday we were on our way to goodyear to pick up zoey!  I was so happy!  Sam was a little bummed because the puppy he wanted had been spoken for, but i liked this one better anyway.  She was the runt and still only weighs around three pounds.  i just love her. i felt so bad because on thursday and friday i had class and had to leave her alone. poor little girl! we just love her.  She's only about 7 weeks old so she still has lots to learn, but she is so fun! she has this little fox that she plays with and pounces on all the time, and she is so cuddly! if i'm sitting on the couch she curls up right next to me and just falls asleep.  she is incredibly cute.  here are some pictures.  the lady who sold us zoey sent me the first three, and the rest are just some cell phone pictures i have taken since we've had her.

  isn't she just the cutest puppy you've ever seen?!

Happy Campers

The weekend after labor day we got to go camping! woot! ( I know, I'm a little behind in the blogging department)  It seemed like forever since the last time my family had been camping!  So on Thursday we headed to good ole JC, AZ to help get everything ready to head to Wallace the next day.  I was so excited once we got to the woods.  Even though we didn't go all the way to our usual camping place at Ohaco cabin, I was just tickled pink to be in the forest.  I was also pretty excited to use the tent and camping chairs we got as wedding gifts.  I should probably tell you that i've pretty much always camped in a camping trailer.  it's just how my family rolls.  But i'm always (ok, usually) up for new stuff, so i was pretty stoked to try out our tent.  and my parents let us use their air mattress so it's not like we would be sleeping on the ground or anything.  Sam and I set up our tent and then blew up the air mattress and we discovered something very quickly...
our "4 man tent" is very tiny.

So we got a little crafty and deflated the mattress and put it in the tent, and carried the whole thing to the trailer to air it up again. 
and carried it back to our spot.  good thing we're really strong.
The whole weekend was great.  My cousins Sam & Jessica came and spent the whole weekend with us, and Beau & Jessica (notice all the repeating names in our family? yeesh!) and Brad came on Saturday.  
We had fresh corn on the cob every night.

 Sam was very pleased.

Sam's camera has this really cool feature where it detects your smile and takes the picture when your smile is big enough.  So of course we had to try it out.  and when I say "we" i actually mean I held the camera and made them do really big smiles.  

Also, there was a little competition going on all weekend.  The title for dirtiest baby ever was up for grabs.
 This picture really doesn't do Tera's messiness justice.  I think she was only clean the first five minutes we were there.  Somehow I didn't get many pictures of her being messy though. She was probably out playing in the dirt whenever I had the camera out.
 Emmaree was only there for one day and she was some big competition.
maybe it was a tie?

anyway, we had a blast.  here are some more random pictures of the fun.
 Brigette being cute
 Kourtney being pretty and me being weird...
 and vice versa.
And me and the husband =].  don't get me started on that mustache....