Sometimes, when you live in an apartment complex with assigned parking, people can get a little territorial with their spaces.  Admittedly,I am guilty of this.  There are different ways to deal with space stealing.  One can take a no mercy approach.  Another method is to just let it slide.  And then, there is the road less traveled:
That road is called guilt.



Today, I woke up at 5 to take Zoey potty, then went right back to sleep.
Today, my alarm went off at 8 to tell me to go running, so I turned it off and went right back to sleep.
Today, the first thing I ate was one of the brownies from the batch I made last night.
Today, my chewed-up computer cord finally gave up on me.
Today, I finally paid tuition for this semester.
Today, I actually went running... an hour and a half after I had originally intended.
Today, I finally sent back the comforter that got eaten by the washer.
Today, I bought a new computer cord.
Today, I decided to blog, but not about Christmas, like I should.
Today, I realized I needed a new background for my blog because the one that I had was still Christmas themed.
Today, the repair man will hopefully come to fix our washing machine, which has been out of order since New Year's Day.
Today, I will try not to eat the rest of those brownies.
Today, I will make dinner that requires more effort than I've put into a meal since we've been back from visiting family for the holidays.
Today, I will watch old episodes of Bones and stay up late texting my husband while he is at work.
Today, I thought I had accomplished a lot, but reading this list makes me feel differently.
Oh well. There's always tomorrow =]