Locked Out

Last week I got locked out of the house.  It was not cool.
Here's what happened.
I decided to go get the mail.  I was feeling lazy, so I decided to go out of the front door and just lock it on my way out instead of going out the garage and having to wait on the garage door to open then put in the code to close it again.  I know.  Super lazy.  So I grabbed Zoey and the mail key and we headed out the front door.  When we got back, I discovered the door going from the garage to the house was locked.  Ugh.  I went around back and checked the back door.  Also locked.  Then I tried to pop a screen out of the dining room window.  No luck.  I headed over to the neighbors' house and asked to use their phone because of course I left mine inside the locked house.  I tried calling Sam to see if I could wake him up (he was on night shift) but no such luck because he sleeps like he's in a coma.  So we got the number to a locksmith, but when I called she said her husband was usually the one who did all the unlocking and he was out on a call right then.  So she gave me his cell number, I called, and he did not answer.  So I called the lady back and she said she'd come out and there wouldn't be a charge if she couldn't unlock the door.  (That gave me a lot of hope...) My neighbors were neighborly enough to let me wait at their house, and I got to know them a little bit.  Nice folks, and their little girl loved Zoey.  About half an hour later the locksmith's wife was at my house.  She tried the front door first, and couldn't get it.  So we went into the garage to see if she could unlock that door.  By this time, Zoey was really sick of being on her leash and just wanted to get down and run around.  I let her down and walked a little way away so she wouldn't get into the lady's tools.  That's when I looked in Sam's car.  There, hanging from the ignition, were his keys.  Go figure!  I didn't say anything for a minute because I felt stupid for not looking there before.  Then I realized I should be happy about this and told the locksmith that my husband left the keys in his car.  I think she was a bit relieved too because she was not having any luck with the doors.
When Sam woke up I told him about what happened.  He laughed.  Glad to see my misfortune entertains him.


I'm Baaaack!

After many requests, I've rejoined the blogging world.  Our house isn't quite decorated or ready for its internet debut yet, so there won't really be any pictures of it, but if you want all the details again you can head back on over to this post to read about our lovely home.
So here's a bit of what life has been like lately.  We lived without a fridge or washer and dryer for 3 days and without an oven/stove for a week.  We ate a lot of subway and rice.
We have Zoey-proofed the back yard, only to find out today that she can still get out if she really puts her mind to it.  Chicken wire is no match for her determination to be with us while we're in the front washing our cars and she's in the back yard.  She usually loves it back there though, especially because she can dig in the mud and become more brown than she is white.  
I have been a pansy for exactly a week now due to majorly bad back pain.  It's very very slowly getting better... but not much.  It's the pits.
We've discovered the master bathroom is not designed for privacy.  The shower doors are glass - not the bubbly kind where you can just see blurry stuff on the other side, but the kind that you can definitely see right through with no problem - and the little toilet room has no door.  
Our new ward is awesome (even thought it's at 7:30 a.m.).  Our first Sunday there we got invited to dinner with a family who lives just around the corner and down the street.  Big difference from the last ward, who asked us if we were new after about 6 months of living there.

I found a square M&M.  I think that is worth sharing.
We got the keys to our house (about 4 days after we had planned) and this is the only picture I got of the 
occasion.  I went alone so Sam could start packin up the U-Haul and I didn't think about pictures until I was at a stop light on my way home.  So you get two awkward hand photos in one post.  It must be a record of some sort.
On our way to the house that night, I had most of our bedding in my back seat and Zoey in the front seat.  I had to move a throw pillow up to the front seat because I couldn't see over it, and Zoey thought it was for her.  She's silly.
I got new glasses.  And wore my hair in braided pig-tails.  Notice the empty apartment in the background - It was a happy day!  It was also cleaning day, which is never very happy.  
We got done moving almost everything into the house around 9 p.m. on the 26th and we stayed one last night in the apartment.  Well we decided to take a shower because we were kinda disgusting and sweaty from moving.  We had a shower liner, but no rings to hang it on the rod. So we draped it over the rod.  It fell down about halfway through the shower.  Then we had to dry off with paper towels because we had already moved all of our towels.  Moral of the story:  Either stay in the new house or stay stinky.  Showering in an apartment that you've moved out of is not easy.
 Speaking of not having what you need, this is our bedroom window right now.  It's HUGE, and our curtains that were wide enough for the window in our apartment are just not cuttin it for the window in our room.  Plus, everything you see here is held up by thumb tacks.  We are super classy.
 Zoey's birthday was on August 5th.  She was way more excited for that bone than the picture lets on.  Don't judge me for getting my dog a birthday present. 
Wyatt, Hannah and T came for the weekend to check out the house, and we actually had room for everyone!    Ahhh, the joys of having more than one bedroom!  We also played Apples to Apples and watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  The movie, to me, was just "meh."  It was ok, but I wouldn't go see it again. But I think I may be part of the minority with my opinion, because there were people in the theater that were really excited about it and clapped during a couple parts... Which I found a bit excessive for a movie about apes causing chaos in San Francisco, but whatevs.

We still have a few things to do, but we are making progress!  We now have ceiling fans in the den and our bedroom, which is awesome.  My parents are coming on Sunday to drop off some couches, a treadmill, a bunch of my stuff, and (if it doesn't rain) my piano!  We are loving life and owning a home of our own.  Now come visit why don't ya?!