day nineteen

Day 19:  A talent of yours

Finding spelling errors.  True story.  I could be that squiggly red line underneath your misspelled words.  I was never in a spelling bee, but I can spot an incorrectly spelled word from a mile away.  Here are some words that people need to learn to spell:  
  • Definitely:  Not definately or defiantly.  There is no a in this word!
  • Tomorrow:  Not tomarrow.  Again.  No a!)
  • Course: As in "of course."  Coarse means rough.  Why do people always add unnecessary a's?
  • Your/you're:  Your is possessive, as in your book.  You're means you are.
Dear people of the world (particularly my facebook friends):  please start using an internet browser that has spell check.  I recommend Google Chrome.  Many thanks.



Velika said...

Hilarious!!! Simply because I cannot spell to save my life! BUT, I do spell/use the last three words correctly, the first word, well, I just don't use it if I have to spell/type it because for whatever reason I can't ever get it right. Do you want to come live with me and be my personal spell checker? :)

Jessica said...

You are SOOOO funny! I am the exact same way! We must be related...;)

Blake and Jordan said...

Ash! I was mortified when I found out my auto spell was putting defiantly instead of definitely. Dang it. Im sorry I annoy you:) haha.

Natalie said...

I love everything about this. The end!

Andrea M said...

I am just a random reader....and I had to laugh out loud because my family always, and I do mean always, is teasing me because my big dream when I grow up ( I am 43) is to be an English teacher and make 8th grade student diagram sentences until they die....or learn proper sentence structure. I also grab every single piece of paper that comes in my mail box and I scan it over for misspelled words or crazy sentences. The funny thing with this, is that my kids are starting to do the same thing....I just laugh at them, and join in the proof reading. Also, don't think that this post is proof of my killer English skills. Thanks for making my day.