Who are these people and why do they look so happy to be packing?! I think they are pretending, because let's face it - packing sucks!  If they're not pretending and they really do love packing and moving, they are more than welcome to come finish packing up here and then move all our crap for us.  Then maybe they'll be awesome enough to stay and UNpack everything.
These people just became my imaginary best friends.
Maybe if I wish hard enough they'll come and save me from my packing woes.



I've been teaching primary since September. Honestly, I've had a pretty hard time with this calling because it kind of prevented me from knowing a lot of people in my ward.  I'm not the most outgoing person, so in the year that we've been in our ward, I have hardly been able to get to know anyone.  I started out with the sunbeams (the group of kids who are 3 and 4), and when the beginning of the year rolled around, I just stayed with the same little group of kids.  There were 4 kids in the class to start out with, then about 3 weeks after I started teaching, one little boy moved away and there were just 3 little girls.  In May, one of the girls moved and I had 2 kids who would come: Sakura and Ana.  There were about 3 times when I went home early because I didn't have any kids show up.  Then about halfway through June, a new little boy, Gavin, moved into the ward, and about 3 weeks ago, we got a new little girl named Charlotte.
Class time is pretty routine.  We make links for a scripture-reading chain, say an opening prayer, I teach a lesson and hope that they understand some of it, say a closing prayer, then we color and have Scooby Doo fruit snacks.
Well, because we are moving, today was my last day teaching primary.  I was really excited this morning when Sam and I were getting ready for church.  Then, when the 1st counselor in the Primary Presidency announced to all of the primary that it was my last week, I got a little sad.  I'm pretty sure none of the kids (even my own class)and only one or two of the teachers knew who the heck the 1st counselor was talking about, but I have to admit, I was pretty sad that I was leaving my little class.
When the kids were coloring, I told them today was the last time I was going to be their teacher because I was moving.  They asked me where I was moving, and if I was moving because I got married.  They all said they would miss me, and I told them I would miss them too.  Gavin said he'd miss me to Heaven and back, and Charlotte said she'd miss me to infinity and beyond.  They asked who their new teacher would be.  Then Gavin said, "So no more Scooby snacks?"  I'm pretty sure this got them more upset than the fact that I was leaving.  Oh well, at least I did something that made them like me!



Leaving it behind

Sometimes I catch myself thinking of all the things I'm going to miss about where we live.  The list is as follows:

  • Close to pretty much everything (the mall, Taco Bell, Target, the path in the river, etc.)
  • The huge mirror in the bathroom that doubles as 3 medicine cabinets.
  • Cleaning doesn't take very long.
  • Carlos aka Zoey's favorite person besides Sam.  It's true, she loves Carlos more than she loves me.
And that's about it.
More often than sometimes, I catch myself thinking of all the things I won't miss about where we live:
  • Laundry closet (it will be nice to have a whole room just for laundry)
  • Close to a road, which equals people who are competing for loudest car or motorcycle in AZ driving by at all hours.
  • Dog poo.  Everywhere.  Sometimes Zoey tries to eat it because she is yucky.
  • Garbage.  Everywhere.  Sometimes Zoey tries to eat it because she is yucky.
  • The pool that is usually murky and closed.
  • Walking by sunbathers at the murky pool.  Awkward.
  • Not being able to ride my bike as often as I would like.
  • Every single person I walk by wanting to play with Zoey when it is obviously time for going potty, and not playing.  They just don't seem to understand.
  • Humongous roaches that come with the humidity after a rain.  One got inside somehow and was crawling around the ceiling in our room like it owned the place about a week ago.  I feared for my life.
  • Having to take the pup all the way to the grass to go potty.  I can't wait for a doggy door - it's at the top of our list of things to buy for the new house (equally ranked with a fridge, oven, washing machine and dryer).
  • Zero space for anything.
  • About 3 feet of counter space in the kitchen.  Not even an exaggeration.
  • Living on top of another person's home.
  • White walls everywhere. So boring.
  • Vertical blinds.
  • Only having one window and the sliding glass door to the balcony to let sunlight in.
  • The fact that the only way to the only bathroom is through our room.  Not visitor friendly.
  • Assigned parking.
  • Limited parking if husband is in the assigned space.
  • Tiny parking spaces.  The passenger side of my little car has some scratches from living here that I am not happy about at all.
  • Sharing a wall with neighbors.
I guess you could say I'm excited to move.



Current Obsessions

Grey's Anatomy
Pina Colada Eegees
Doing my hair like this
Teal & turquoise (this one is getting a little out of hand... I just bought a teal loofah. And I'm seriously contemplating/ begging Sam to let me paint the door of our house turquoise.)
The Daybook
Checking my email about 175947 times a day to see if there's any news on the house.
All things Harry Potter
Little Big Planet
Planning decorating the house
Procrastinating any sort of packing.
Making banana bread (4 loaves in 1 week)
Daydreaming about what life will be like in the new house
Worrying about buying every single appliance for the house



Auto Correct

This morning I had this conversation with Sam via text message
Me:  Yo
Sam:  What's up
Sam:  Wanna do me a favor and go get my keys that I locked in my car at Denny's and then meet me at 7:45 Ishmael tonight to hand them to me?
Sam:  Oh and Ishmael was supposed to be ish
Sam:  Smart phones are so awesome :)

Dang you, auto correct.