what a weekend

this weekend we went to safford to spend some time with sam's family. saturday we went to the temple. it was great. this was the first time sam and i have been able to go since we've been married, and the first session sam's done in this temple. it was awesome. i married such a great guy. seriously, he just keeps getting better =].
i LOVE going to the temple. it's a pretty amazing place.

after the temple we went to cluff ponds with sam's brothers. ok, i've heard of this place before, but i never went in all the time i lived in thatcher. it is so cool! it's just this lake surrounded by all these trees out in the middle of nowhere. if i would have known where it was when i lived in thatcher, i probably would have been there just about every day. sam's brother wyatt (aka diggy) bought an air mattress from wal-mart and we just floated in the middle of the lake for a while and watched people do belly flops off of the rope swing. the red neck encouraging these belly flops was kind of entertaining, too. after we got back to sam's dad's house, sam taught me how to change the oil in his car. i was awesome. uncle virgil would have been so proud of me =]. we were going to go to tanner's house that night to watch the cardinals preseason game, but we found it on tv, so we decided to just order a pizza and stay where we were. which was a good thing, since i was feeling lazy and didn't feel like making myself presentable for other people. saturday equals good day.

sunday morning we left safford and decided to take a detour through sonoita. sam has been telling me ever since before we were married that he wanted to live in sonoita, and i wanted to see why. well, i definitely saw why. it is GORGEOUS. i'm a small town girl. i like the conveniences of the city, but i'm not gonna lie, i miss the small town feeling. sonoita is just this little town surrounded by all these mountains and grassy fields. we picked the perfect time of year to go. all the monsoons have made that little town so incredibly green. beautiful. as we were leaving town, we came to a border patrol station.... and we broke down. so the bp guys pushed us forward. one of the guys said "i get paid to do this?" hahaha we thought it was pretty funny=] So we called diggy, told him to bring some jumper cables, and just kinda waited. I decided that one of the border patrolmen could have been my friend cuz he told Sam that he needed to get a chevy and ditch the foriegn car. hahaha, he was so cool=]. I tell Sam that all the time. i'm always makin fun of his german car. Anyway, Sam figured it had something to do with the battery, so he checked it out, and after a couple more minutes, he tried to start it again, and... it worked! so we took off, called diggy again and told him to just kinda be on standby, and rolled down the windows and turned off the ac to save battery power. we got almost to the i-10 junction and it happened again. ugh. so sam pushed while i steered, and the car coasted pretty far... and sam had to walk a while to catch up. gosh, you wouldn't believe all the people who just drive right on by a stranded woman! sam came walkin up about 15 minutes after i rolled to a stop, called some more people, and we sat down and waited. in 100 degree heat. i was wearing a black shirt. bad idea, ashley. After about 10 or 15 more minutes, this old guy and his buddy pull up in a truck and offer to take us back to tucson. turns out we weren't too far out of their way. it was kinda crowded in the back seat, but we were just glad we didn't have to sit on the side of the road anymore. they dropped us off at the apartment, and we got into my trusty american-made car and headed back to the german car.
silly germans, they put the battery in the trunk! oh, and by the time we got back to the car, it was POURING. we had to just sit in my car and wait for a good ten minutes so we wouldn't get soaked. after the rain, i busted out my handy dandy emergency kit from my trunk, hooked up the jumper cables... and the german car still wouldn't start. sigh. so we took the battery to checker, charged it up, took it back to the car, and headed back to tucson. sam kinda took off once we got off the freeway, and when i pulled into our apartment complex, the car had stopped right before he got into our parking space. dang german car.

oh, and btw, i didn't mess up the car when i changed the oil, cuz i know you're all just dying to tease me about that.

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Jessica said...

Holy Cow! I am so glad you got home safe...and what were you thinking taking Sams car that far away from home...not a good idea...obviously;)