A Learning Experience

I have been married for two months. What? Already? Wowza. I'm proud to say I've learned a few things.
  • Wax + carpet = bad idea. and a HUGE mess.
  • Sam has A LOT of clothes.
  • I really can cook!
  • If anything says it is wrinkle-free, it is lying to you and can't be trusted.
  • Just because I've seen pretty much every episode of Friends doesn't make them any less funny the second time around (or maybe third... or fourth...or...)
  • Nutella is delicious. Why wasn't I introduced to it much sooner?
  • Laundry and dishes are never-ending chores.
  • I am sick of apartment living.
  • Grocery shopping is ridiculously expensive.
  • Tucson is a long way away from Joseph City.
  • I am the messiest cook alive.
  • Job hunting is lame.
  • The brother-in-law is a nice visitor to have, but not so fun as a roommate.
  • People think newlyweds need 5 million towels.
  • I really want a puppy.
  • School causes me lots of stress.
  • Sam is much more of a morning person than I am.
  • Kevinandamanda.com is fabulous
  • Sam LOVES movies from the 80s. Particularly if they star Arnold Swarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone. Bad acting is a plus.
  • We always want ice cream.
  • Hulu saves me from many hours of boredom.
  • Sam likes Japanese cartoons. I do not.
  • I am capable of changing the oil in a 1991 bmw.
  • graveyard shifts are not fun.
  • I'm not as good at playing video games as i thought i was.
  • The bank we go to is lame.
  • Once Sam opens a cupboard, it usually stays open. until I close it.
  • I don't exactly like being the center of attention.
  • Two microwaves is one too many for us.
  • Sam likes to bark at the neighbors' dogs.
  • I married an amazing man and I love him very very much.
pretty impressive list, right?

oh, and sorry for the cheeseball at the end...


Blake and Jordan said...

I watch friends everyday. I've seen every episode like 10 times and I still tivo it everyday! Im jealous, I didnt get ONE stinkin towel when I got married. My opinion-I think if you can read, you can cook! Right? I mean, I thought I would be terrible at cooking but it's as simple as following a recipe! Apartments suck, but some of your best memories will come from being squished into a tiny little space:) and seriously, we have ice cream every night. Sounds like your marriage is pretty normal so far! haaha

~*~Amy~*~ said...

Logan & I love nutella!!! I think it's just your family that was left out of that wonderful secret.

Hannah said...

Sounds like a good start to me! And Matt has at least twice the amount of clothes as I do...I'm not even exaggerating.

Jessica said...

This is my most favorite list of yours! How cute are you?! I think I am going to go read it again just cuz it makes me happy!

Jessica said...

Oh...and I hate graveyards shift too (you should just be grateful Sam's aren't as long as Beau's- 6 weeks- who does that!) and you HAVE to help me with my blog when you get here because I absolutely must know how to do all of this fancy stuff you know how to do!

Allen and Terri said...

You do such an awesome job at postings I love to read them, I also read them to your dad and he even gets a kick out of them! Your so cleaver I've noticed another blogger "borrowed" your idea!Pretty cute we love 'em:)