another post about....

my background.  i know, it just makes you want to scream and rip your hair out, right?
or is that only me? probably.
well, my blog is no longer naked, but it's not dressed properly, either.  I figured out that i just need to make it a little shorter. which i have. But obviously I haven't shortened it enough, because the top and bottom are still cut off.  It's going to stay like this for a while though, and my reasoning is twofold.
1.  I have remade this background at least four times. Three of those attempts have happened in the last hour. (at least i'm getting faster, right?)
2.  I'm sick of my blog being plain old white.
so bear with it for a while. i promise it will look better once you can get the full effect.  And rest assured that my background (in its entirety, of course) is cute.  I know this because Kourtney helped me and she is crafty.


Blake and Jordan said...

I think it looks cute just like that! Where did you find your kit? It really cute!

Hannah said...

I think it looks great like it is! I don't know what is cut off though.

Ashley Lois said...

i got my kit at kevinandamanda =] love that place, it's seriously where i spend most of my blogging time.