I know, I know...

my blog is bare. naked.  don't judge its nakedness, it's not the blog's fault.

want to know why my blog is naked?

because I tried to make my own background.  and i was sooo close to being successful! It's all photobucket's fault! ok, that's not entirely true.  But it seems like such a good idea to blame it on photobucket.  I mean, you don't expect me to take the blame do you? I followed the instructions to the T, and still... disappointment.  it was just too small.  and of course i had to delete my old background first because I was so excited that i had finally put together a background that I actually liked.  Always jumpin' the gun. sigh.  so my blog will be bare for a while, because it's late and there is no way in heck that I am re-doing that entire background tonight, and we're on the road again this weekend for a missionary farewell and a trip to jc to visit my family cuz it is possible that I miss them. a little... ok a lot. so i won't get around to it for a couple of days... possibly until sam goes back to work when we get back from our little road trip.  please pray for my sanity in my attempt to become more crafty and have a one of a kind blog.


Blake and Jordan said...

I make my own. It gets way easier! Good luck!

Blake and Jordan said...

Wait! I have help... Ok- if you followed amandas tutorial, be sure to make it 1690x1100 instead of 1600x1100. It cuts off the sides on larger screens and looks funny. In photobucket- when you're uploading be sure to change your upload options. You want to make sure it's 1 megabyte file size or it will be too small. That was my problem the first time. Hope it helps. Good luck!