In husband news:
Sam took the Border Patrol entry test a couple weeks ago, and he passed! We are both really excited.  We don't know when he'll start, but there are a lot of BP agents in our ward, and they guesstimate that it will be about a year and a half.  Which is fine by me, because his training will be at least 3 months in New Mexico.  Not looking forward to being alone for 3 months.

In Austin news:
Today he was extubated (Got the breathing tube removed)!  Brad and Tiff say that he is doing well, and off of the asthma medicine that was given via IV.  I'm SO happy he's doing better.  I haven't cried in about 2 days, and I think that is the longest I've gone since before he was admitted to the hospital on Oct. 15!  Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed for Austin and shown him support.  My sister Kourtney is ordering bracelets and selling them for $3 to help Austin's family with all of the expenses.  They are grey, debossed, and say "Fight like Ausitin" on one side and "Asthma Awareness" on the other.  If you want to order some, let her know.  Or, if you can't get a hold of her, just let me know how many you want in a comment and I'll pass along your order and get back to you with more info.


Jessica said...

I'm so happy for Sam!!!! YAY and you could come stay w/me for 3 months while he's in NM...:) Also me and Kourtney went and saw Austin for a few minutes today, neither of us could stop smiling at him, love that boy so much!

Kourtney Dawn said...

I am so proud of Sam!! I totally thought I had commented on this post, but I didn't cuz I rad it on my phone!! I'm such a slacker!!! Yay for Sam!!! Yay for Austin!!!

Kourtney Dawn said...

Haha!! I "rad" it!!!