We are wedding slackers.  We've been invited to quite a few receptions since we've been married, and we've gone to two.  In August, Natalie and Cheston got married, and we went to the Gila Valley temple for that.  It was lovely.  Nats and Cheston even had the same sealer as we did!  Theirs was the first wedding we had been to since we've been married, and it was nice to be reminded of just how special a temple marriage is.   I might have cried a little during the ceremony.  I just love the Thatchers!

This is one of only two pictures I got of Nats and Chestno.  The other one has an arm in it.  I am a really good photographer.
I love these girls!  
 This was the first time Sam and Cheston met.  I guess they hit it off because Sam didn't want to stand by me for this picture.

 Just last weekend, Wyatt and Hannah got married.  Hannah and Wyatt have been dating since before Sam and I started dating, and they finally made her officially part of the family.  They had the ceremony at Western Skies Golf Course in Gilbert.  It was also beautiful and lovely, even though T walked around the chairs instead of down the aisle and Sam's dad had his tie over his vest.  And yes, I cried a little at this wedding too.  I don't know what has happened to me.

 The whole wedding party.

During the reception, Hannah's dad got his clubs out and bought a few buckets of balls so guests could go out and hit some balls.  I even hit one after one or two swings.  And that is a big accomplishment for me.  My body has been trained to swing softball bats, not golf clubs, so it's definitely a challenge. But it was a lot of fun.  If you know anyone getting married on a golf course you should probably suggest providing clubs and balls, because it was a big hit with the guests.

And here is me and my tuxedo wearin' husband.  I wish I could dress him up in a tux every day.  He looked so good! When we got back to my parents' condo, they offered to take some pictures.  We were tired and our feet hurt, but we were good sports...
 But good sportsmanship only lasted for the first picture.
 Then I decided to try and make the most awkward face I could.  Success.

And of course Zoey had to be in a picture too.  Yes, we are those people who take pictures with their dog.  



Natalie said...

I am famous!!

Tawni said...

Love this!! I have been meaning to blog about Nats wedding for four months now? But I pretty much have the same exact pics as you so no need to post them now haha.

Jordan said...

Oh my goodness! I know what you mean about the crying! I was in tears at my friends wedding a few weekends ago, and Blake asked why I was crying and the only thing that I could manage was "I just love love". haha. Im glad you love love too! and I think the pictures of you and sam are so cute!

Jessica said...

HAHA! I love yours and Sams pics they always crack me up and are so cute! Also I love Nats dress!!! How cute is it?!

The Burts said...

Haha you guys are so cute! Also I can't wait to see you this weekend. I hope to at least!

Kourtney Dawn said...

I want to be famous too!!