Some people just can't make up their minds

Yesterday I got this e-mail:

Greetings Dental Hygiene Student:

An opportunity has come available to move your start date forward with the Dental Hygiene Education Program to Fall 2013.  Moving students up on the list is based on the applicant’s qualifying date. If you are interested in beginning the program Fall 2013, please reply to this email byOctober 21, 2011, before 5:00PM Mountain Time.  Should you not respond to this e-mail by the deadline date above, you will remain on the list at your original start date.

If you no longer wish to remain on the Dental Hygiene Education Program waiting list, please respond to this email indicating that you formally decline your position with the Dental Hygiene Education Program.  Please note, declination will require reapplication to the program.

Additionally, please be sure to update your contact information.

So of course I jumped right on that and emailed them back saying "HECK YES!" (except in a slightly more eloquent way.  Gotta keep up good impressions, ya know?) and now I get to start school 3 years earlier!

For those of you keeping track (which is probably only me), this is how the waiting list has changed since April: 
  • Wait list for the program is 3 years
  • Wait list for the program is 1 year
  • Get accepted to the program and find out the waiting list is actually 5 years.
  • Surprise! 2 years!
So the question I pose is this:  Can Pima just not make up their minds?  
Not that I'm complaining or anything...


Jessica said...

That is awesome news Ash! YAY!!!!

Aunt Bec said...

Congrats Miss Ashley! Hopefully it will continue to get moved up.