There are some things about me that are distinctly either Dodd or Bushman.  I've got the Bushman gap between my front two teeth, just like my dad and his dad.  I've got what my mom refers to as "short little Dodd legs."  Those things I am fine with.  But one thing I am not so fine with is a new discovery.
I'm getting grey hair.  I've found a few grey strands, and of course they are right in front.  The Dodds are pretty good at going prematurely grey, and apparently I am just Dodd enough to start going grey now.  At 21.  It should be illegal.  I've been so nice to my hair! I've never dyed it and THIS is how it thanks me?!
Not cool.
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some plucking to do.


Jessica said...

That sucks, I still haven't got any gray hairs, I'm 31, have 4 kids, and am YOUR older sister....haha! Love ya ASH!!!

Kourtney Dawn said...

You are silly! I doubt they are grey! Maybe white, but not grey... OK!!! Probably blonde..