BIG News!

I'm pretty sure we've told most of the family and a few friends this, so now I'm allowed to share it with the blogging world.  It's something that will change our lives... forever.  It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, and something that I'm super excited about, but really nervous about at the same time.  I've been preparing myself for this for a while now.  I know it will be hard and I will probably cry a lot and lose some sleep, but it will all be worth it in the end.  Are you ready for this news?


The waiting list for the dental hygiene program has gone down from 3 years to 1!  Apparently with the economy being the way it is, a lot of people have had to drop out.  Then when they let some people on the waiting list know they could start the program, a bunch of them had to back out because they couldn't afford it, were pregnant, etc. 
What this means:
  • I will be completely done with school in 3 years instead of just starting the program in 3 years.  
  • I can start a career sooner.
  • I have to be prepared sooner than I had anticipated, and I have less time to prepare myself for what it's going to be like.
  • I'm even more nervous about how hard it is going to be, which I did not think was possible.
  • I won't be able to get pregnant this summer, like I was hoping (even though Sam was still on the fence about having kids already).  We'll have to wait until I'm done with school.  Sad.
So that's my news.  Hopefully I tricked some of you into thinking I was gonna have a baby, because that was one of my goals for writing this post.  I like to think I'm funny and tricky sometimes.


Blake and Jordan said...

MEAN! I totally thought you were pregnant! :( BOO! Ok- I'll admit, Im super excited for your other news... but a little disappointed. Now hurry up and finish school so that you can start makin babies!

Petersens said...

ha ha. I thought you were pregnant too :) but way exciting about school! Good luck :)

Natalie said...

You are tricky.... and the words of Jenny, "you are going to get pregnant whether you like it or not." I totally agree.... bring on the babies!

Jessica said...

You totally didn't have me fooled! lol!

Hannah said...

Yay! That's pretty cool I wish that were my case. I'm so freaking ready for my wait to be over. Plus having kids and finishing school is crazy. I know that doesn't make up for all the greatness that is having a baby but it'll still be great 3 years from now.