Bathtub Blues

A couple of weeks ago, some tiles in our shower kinda collapsed in.  I don't know how else to put it.  Our shower was pretty ghetto in the first place.  The bottom half had tan colored tiles and the rest was white tile.  So obviously our shower had been re-tiled at least once, and not very well.  Another problem was mold.  No matter how much bleach I scrubbed that tub with, the mold would not go away.  That's because the mold was an internal problem.  When the shower was re-tiled before we lived here, apparently some mold found a new home.  So back to the collapsed-in tile.  After showering with a black tarp over said tiles for all these weeks, the maintenance guy finally came to fix it this morning.  He tore out the existing tile and now our shower looks like this until tomorrow morning when he comes back to finish it.
Gross.  Add this to the overwhelming smell of bleach that is filling my nostrils right now, and I think it's safe to say that I got the blues.  The bathtub blues.  

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Jessica said...

awwww! Ashley that is so sad:( You can come use my tubby!!!