Day 12:  A song that was played at your wedding

I do not remember very many songs that were played.  (Someone please tell me why my memory kind of sucks when it comes to my wedding day?)  Well, I remember this song, because it's the only one Sam and I danced to. It's not even "our song."  We don't even have "a song."  This is Zach & Kourtney's song.  I remember Kourtney telling me that Zach asked her if we were stealing their song.  And Kourtney told him she was just letting us borrow it.  That makes me think of My Best Friend's Wedding... Anyway, this is one of the songs that I remember.  


Larry & Jessi Bushman said...

Trust me...My wedding day is a haze...I'm pretty sure I was just excited to be married. I honestly didn't care to have a reception. haha, except I definately did want the presents, they were very nice!

Jessica said...

hmmm...I can't remember there even being music at your reception! lol

Blake and Jordan said...

I know what you mean! My wedding was the same way! I remember taking a million pictures. (which is good, because at the end of the day, it's the only memory I have!) Hahah. Someone at my wedding requested doing a money dance so I remember that one quite clear! All of the sudden people were paying us to dance! That's really the only song I remember!