Day 13: A guilty pleasure

Reality TV. Definitely. The biggest offender being:
That's right, I love the bachelor.  Kinda bummed about the next bachelorette being annoying dentist Ashley H. from Maine.  Did anyone really even like her?  Whatevs. I'll probably still watch.

Another one is eating ice cream straight out of the carton.  With a fork.  It's just better that way.


Blake and Jordan said...

Dont even get me started on Ashley H. Bleh! But, like you, I will still watch. I find that I am way more invested in all of their relationships than they are. I'm ready for bachelor pad though! That should be this summer right? I have a feeling Vienna will be stealing that show this season! BAH!

Natalie said...

oh man.... the ice cream comment was the best way to start my day. I love you ashree

Jessica said...

A fork Ash?! What the heck- thats just too weird!