Who are these people and why do they look so happy to be packing?! I think they are pretending, because let's face it - packing sucks!  If they're not pretending and they really do love packing and moving, they are more than welcome to come finish packing up here and then move all our crap for us.  Then maybe they'll be awesome enough to stay and UNpack everything.
These people just became my imaginary best friends.
Maybe if I wish hard enough they'll come and save me from my packing woes.


Kourtney Dawn said...

They aren't unpacking from moving, someone just sent them huge packages of awesome stuff! I would totally be there helping you right now if my car hadn't decided it needed to break down! Ugh!

Jessica said...

Whatever. I don't feel sorry for you.:P

Hannah said...

I actually kinda like packing...it's the cleaning, loading everything up in the truck and unnloading it that I don't like. Congrats on moving anyways. I hope we get to see tons of pictures of the new house.