Current Obsessions

Grey's Anatomy
Pina Colada Eegees
Doing my hair like this
Teal & turquoise (this one is getting a little out of hand... I just bought a teal loofah. And I'm seriously contemplating/ begging Sam to let me paint the door of our house turquoise.)
The Daybook
Checking my email about 175947 times a day to see if there's any news on the house.
All things Harry Potter
Little Big Planet
Planning decorating the house
Procrastinating any sort of packing.
Making banana bread (4 loaves in 1 week)
Daydreaming about what life will be like in the new house
Worrying about buying every single appliance for the house



Erin said...

Don't forget about craiglist! I was worried about buying appliances when we bought our house too, but we ended up getting our fridge, washer and dryer all for about $600 off of craigslist. All in perfect working condition!

Blake and Jordan said...

I LOOOOVEEE eegees. Half strawberry, half pina colada. and pizza fries. mmmmmm. and dont even get me started on teal/turquoise! My flat iron, nail polish, earings, 100 pairs of sandals... I love that color family. HARRY POTTER! YaY! Your list is so cool:)

Jessica said...

I love you Ash. You're posts always make me happy:)