Viva Las Vegas

To celebrate one year of marriage, we headed off to Sin City.  The morning we left, Zoey could tell somethin was going on, and she might have acted out a bit.  And by acted out, I mean pulling most of the toilet paper from the roll and dragging it into our bedroom...
 And then tearing it up.  She must have known we'd be dumping her in a kennel for 5 days.  

We have a knack for finding the slowest restaurants in the world.  The slowest Jack in the Box is located in Benson.  The slowest Denny's is in Las Vegas.  We waited for our food for a long time, so I busted out the camera to pass the time.

 I think it's safe to say that Sam wasn't as upset about the wait as I was.  Note his happy (angelic?) expression versus my bored and pouty look.
 We stayed at the Luxor.  Our reservations were for the pyramid, but we got put in the tower.  I was kinda bummed at first, but I got over it.  This is looking out of our room's window and to the right, which accounts for the bad quality.
We went to see X-men while we were there.  Good flick.

Front of the Luxor

New York, New York

The Chandelier club.  Crappy quality because I forgot to take the camera off of night mode when we went inside.  Whoops.

Vegas Temple

I tried to take pictures of the temple while we were driving away. Failure.
After our session in the temple.

The whole time we were in Vegas we tried to avoid eating anywhere on the strip because we figured it was more expensive.  After we went to the temple, we decided we wanted some kind of Chinese food for dinner, and I spotted a restaurant with some some words in an Asian language and then some words saying BBQ Buffet.  It wasn't too far from our hotel so we went and changed out of our churchy clothes and headed back to the buffet.  Mistake.  This was not your average Chinese buffet.  All the food in the buffet was raw, and there were little grills on each of the tables.  We paid about $23 bucks a person (so staying away from the strip wasn't beneficial) and it was not good.  And there was a catch to the "all you can eat."
Unfortunately, Sam did not notice this HUGE sign (or any of the smaller versions when we walked in), so he kept going back to the buffet for more stuff to cook, and I kept getting more and more worried that we were gonna get slapped with a $20 fee because we weren't going to be able to eat it all.  Once I pointed out the sign to Sam, he got a little worried too.  We had a lot of food, and not much room in our tummies.  Plus, I was still grossin out about the whole fishes on the buffet, and wasn't too keen on eating anything else from that joint.  Luckily, our waitress brought our check and there was no charge. Phew!

We stopped by Hoover Dam on our way home and I took some pictures while Husband parked 10 miles (ok, maybe like 200 yards...) away to avoid paying for parking.  
It was pretty cool... Pretty similar to Glenn Canyon Dam at Lake Powell, but still pretty cool.

We had fun.  But we decided if you're not into drinking, clubbing, constantly walking through a cloud of cigarette smoke, free porn on the side of the road, or gambling (which we're not), Vegas is kind of overrated.  We were kinda bums the whole time, but it was nice to get away from the dog (sorry Zoey...) and just have some time to do nothing.  Here's a piece of advice:  Don't go on vacation when you're in the middle of buying a house.  You won't want to spend any money so you'll just be a bum. 

I have a video of the fountain show at the Bellagio... I just have to get it from the camera to the computer, which will take some extra effort.  Plus, I suppose it deserves its own post because it was pretty much pretty awesome and possibly my favorite part.



Hannah said...

Aww I'm sorry you guys didn't have tons of fun. If you go again I can tell you about all sorts of fun, free and friendly things there are to do in Vegas.

Blake and Jordan said...

I dont know why, but I automatically associate Vegas to the Hangover. Glad no one roofied you. It looks like a fun trip! I wish you two many many more happy anniversaries together! :)

Jessica said...

Awwww! Zoey pup was crakin me up! Also I can't believe you didn't make a teeny tiny fetour over to JC:( *sigh*
Next time take me!

jakenjamie said...

Happy Love DAY! Hope you guys had a blast. Oh and I looove your button "I'm awkward and awesome"! cute.