Call Me Shirley

Due to temperatures that reach 100+ degrees here in southern AZ, I have been avoiding my blow-dryer and flat iron like the plague.  My bathroom happens to be the hottest place in the apartment, and it also happens to be where I do my hair every day.  Well, last night I tried some no-heat curls hoping to be able to wake up to beautiful, soft, sophisticated curls like this:

And instead I got this:
(please ignore my weird expression and dark circles.)
Needless to say, I was not going out in public like this.  So I hopped in the shower to trade my 'do for something that wasn't so "Animal Crackers."
I guess I am doomed to live a life of heat-damaged hair.


jakenjamie said...

bahaha I love it!

Jessica said...

thats too funny Ash! I know somewhere where you can do your hair and not be so hot;)

Blake and Jordan said...

I must say when i saw that picture in my following list preview, i thought, ashley is REALLY pregnant! then I immediately clicked over to it and to my disappointment it was some random lady with awesome hair! hahaha. I just had to tell you. Im so dumb! Try wrapping the hair when it's almost dry, just a little damp, It might not be so kinky looking. I kind of think you look cute with super curly hair:) AND I still love the haircut on your pinterst... it would look so good on you! ah. ok im done.

Kourtney Dawn said...

I miss you! I think you should wear your hair super crazy and see what Sam does! Jordan, you are so funny! You crack me up!