Here's some stuff that happened in church today.
Two different people welcomed us to the ward.  We've been in the ward since June.
An old man passed out right after the sacrament, and Sam and I both heard someone say "Oh SH**!"  We laughed a little bit until we realized what was going on.
Sam went home after Sacrament meeting because he has to work tonight. =(
I had zero little kids in my primary class today, which is kind of sad because we were going to make pinwheels today and I was excited.  I went home after sharing time.

So pretty much some crappy stuff happened at church today.  I'll probably get struck down by lightning for admitting this, but I kinda can't wait to move out of this ward.  I don't really feel "at home" here, and I'm just ready to move on and feel like I'm a part of a ward family again.


Kourtney Dawn said...

I'm sorry about your ward. We have lived in a few (3 to be exact )wards like that. None are like home, but the people make all the difference! I love you, things will get better! Hang in there! <3

Jessica said...

That stinks! I giggled a little too about the Oh Sh*#! It'll get better!