Day 2

First of all...Happy Valentine's Day!
Well Sam is working tonight, so no big V-day date for us, but I made him this lovely little card and i must say, I think it's pretty cute.  Now onto the main event:  A Favorite movie.  Same deal with the songs. I can't pick just one.

Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter

Moulin Rouge

Meet the Robinsons

Alice in Wonderland

Pride & Prejudice

The Little Rascals
The Grinch


A Lot Like Love

Pirates of the Caribbean

Do you want me to keep going? Because I totally can if you want me to...
I do have something to say about all the "favorite" business though.  What's the big deal? Why do we have to have a favorite everything?  I'm kind of indecisive sometimes and I can't narrow it down! (obviously, right?)

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Velika said...

:) I totally agree with you one the whole "favorite" thing. I can never pick a favorite anything!
By the way, very cute valentine!