Alive & Boring

Hi.  I'm here.  Just boring.  Seriously, my life has been super lame lately.  Usually, I'll be doing something, and I'll think, "hey, I could blog about this!" Well, NONE of that has been happening lately.  Boring = me.  Yup.  Absolutely nothing has been remotely exciting  enough to blog about.  So here we are... and I'm still stuck with the borings, but I'm going to try and get an acceptable post out of my life. Do you guys do Instagram? It's kinda cool I guess.  It's an app that you can edit and share your pictures with.  So I like it.  Especially because I follow a few people who have exciting lives and go to places like Italy and Florida and Japan and stuff.  Well here are some of my instagrams.

I am proof that all of AZ is not desert.  I've lived in AZ my whole life and I've never seen this kind of cactus with flowers.  

Zoey and I went for a walk yesterday.  It was only 91 degrees outside.  After 2.66 miles, she was a little tired and hot.

Did you know Sobe juices don't come in glass bottles anymore? Lame! Well, anyway, this was on my Sobe lid the other day.  It made me feel pretty good about myself.

We got Sam a BBQ grill.  And he taught me how to use it.  I can now grill up a mean chicken breast.  

This one isn't an Instagram, but it's important.  My mom's dog, Coco got bit by a rattlesnake the other day and died.  It was really sad.  Even though she couldn't figure out the doggy door, I really liked that little dog! Well, luckily, the day after Coco died, my mom was able to find a lady selling Shorkie puppies in Casa Grande and so they loaded up Kourtney's suburban and headed down there.  I met them in Casa Grande right when they were picking up the puppy.  Meet Angel.  She's super tiny and cute.  We miss Coco, but we are glad that my mom was able to get Angel.  


Jordan said...

I like all of your instagrams... interesting, I may have to start doing that! Angel is so cute! Sorry to hear about Coco! Dang rattlesnakes!

The Burts said...

I love instagram! And I love following yours. Sorry about your mom's dog, glad she was able to find another puppy to love.

Jessica said...

Boring is good Ash!!! haha Love you!