March Happened...

I just didn't really get around to blogging about it.  Here are some highlights and not-so-highlights.

  • Started off the month right with my birthday! I turned 22 and Sam bought me a Kindle Fire.  I love it.  And I also love Sam (not just because he got me a present - but let's just say I don't love him less for it.)  And unlike last year and the year before, I had no classes or tests to take.  
  • I got called to be Relief Society Secretary.  That means I'm not in Primary anymore! I am super excited to be around grown ups again.  Don't get me wrong, the kids in my class were (mostly) good and well behaved, but maybe now I'll actually get to know the people in my ward!
  • We went to Joseph City for Founder's Day.  It was the first time I've been since high school I think.  Well let's just say that the fire department's BBQ is not the same without my dad in charge.  But my Grandpa Bushman was being inducted into the JC Hall of Fame, so we braved the yucky beans and watered down punch and listened to a very nice little speech and maybe got a little teary-eyed.
  • After the BBQ/hall of fame ceremony thing, We went to Flagstaff to see The Hunger Games with Zach, Kourtney, and Austin.  We had to sit in the second row and I think I experienced a little motion sickness, but the movie was pretty good.  I also lost my ticket and had to show the cashier guy the transaction on my bank app on my phone so they'd let me in the theatre.  Whoops.  Thank goodness for smart phones.
  • We are dog-sitting my mom's dog, Coco while they are in Utah visiting Blaine.  She can't figure out the dog door to save her life.  But she has figured out that if she's stuck outside for long enough, Zoey will open it for her.  Teamwork at its finest.  Coco is kind of like a little furry lump that follows me around and then lies down and waits for me to go somewhere else so she can repeat the process.  Here is what is behind me practically anywhere I go.  It's just what she does.

    • I went visiting teaching for the first time since we moved into the ward.  I'm really on top of things.  
    • I discovered Saved by the Bell is now on Netflix instant streaming.  Life is good.



    Jordan said...

    Im glad you had a good birthday! The fire is so awesome! :) Have fun with Coco! haha!

    Jessica said...

    Haha! How did I miss that you did a blog update?! I am so happy I found it! Love ya Ash!

    Kourtney Dawn said...

    Ahhh, I miss Coco!!! :'(