Not confessing

I was going to tell you all a confession.  But now I think I'm going to just keep it to myself.  I was writing along about this confession and I realized something.

I was whining.  

I don't like whiners.

So I deleted it. 

Maybe I will try to tell you about it when I can write about it without whining about it.  Until then, go to EA's website and check out the first picture that comes up on the homepage.  It says something about front row seats or something. I daresay you'll see a couple familiar faces from good ole JC, AZ.

Sorry for the lame post.  But better lame than whiny right?


Blake and Jordan said...

Um, I wanna hear the whine!!! Haha just kidding. I always delete my post. Sometimes I use my blog to fight all of my battles that I would rather not deal with in person and then I always have to kick myself and delete it.... grrr. Maybe we should have anonymous blogs where we whine and complain all we want and no one will know.... BAHAHAHAHA!

Ashley Lois said...

that is such a good idea! let's do it! =]

Jessica said...

you crack me up ash! I miss my little sister:)

Allen and Terri said...

I just miss my litl' Ash! I hope all is well cuz mom knows you don't complain hardly ever, call me.
I love you TOO much!

Kourtney Dawn said...

I think Jordans idea is wonderful! Then Zach and mom and Ash and ok everyone wouldn't have to listen to me complain.... As much...