I always want what I can't have

I really should stop looking at photography blogs and home decorating blogs.  Here are my reasons:

  • Photography blogs make me want babies.  I can't have a baby right now!  For one thing, we don't have anywhere to put a baby.  Welcome to my one-bed/one-bath apartment-dwelling life.  For another thing, I have to finish school first, otherwise it'll never get done.  Also, my hands are already full with a certain Zoey pup.  

  • Photography blogs make me want to get married.  Wait just a minute - I'm already married! Silly me!  Let me rephrase.  Photography blogs make me want to have lots and lots of pictures taken of Sam in a certain suit and me in a certain dress.  Or maybe just in regular old clothes. marvelous NEW clothes!

  • Then there's the home decorating blogs. Oh mercy.  And this "site problem" extends to other sites, like etsy, craigslist, heck, even the bed bath and beyond site is trouble for me.  Wanna know why?  Well if you don't, you may as well stop reading because I'm going to tell you why.  Ok, it makes me want a house.  I am so sick of apartment living it's not even funny anymore.  Actually, I'm not sure it was ever funny. But that's beside the point.   The point is, February can't come soon enough.  Then we will be out of this lease and (hopefully) out of this apartment.  Alas, even when February does get here, it may just bring a move to another apartment, or a renewal of this lease.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that February brings something a little happier than those things...

  • Home decorating blogs also make me want to buy things.  Things I know would look fabulous in the house that is not mine yet.  Things that would not have a place to be fabulous in my current living space (or lack thereof - the space part, that is).  I never thought I'd have the urge to be crafty, but by golly, it's taking over my mind!  I walk through the home decor aisle in any store and want to clear the shelves!  I guess my sisters and mother have finally rubbed off on me.

Do you see what I am doing to myself by looking at these sites?  It's torture of the worst kind, I tell you!  Someone please keep reminding me that someday I'll be able to have these things!  Until then, I'll try not to tease myself with these things.  Too often.


Blake and Jordan said...

Why do they do this to us! Im so glad im not alone in this! and..... you need a squishy little baby! so keep looking! :)

Jessica said...

I am so happy we are rubbing off on you! Its about time! And OH. MY. GOSH..I didn't know you were getting a little baby hungry! That is so crazy and exciting to me, because sometimes I have to remind myself that my baby sis is all grown up and married...then Sam posts something way too cute on FB and I get all cheesy and remember you are! Yay! And I feel for ya on the house thing. When you want out it can never coe soon enough! Hang in there tho- it'll happen!!!