Happy Campers

The weekend after labor day we got to go camping! woot! ( I know, I'm a little behind in the blogging department)  It seemed like forever since the last time my family had been camping!  So on Thursday we headed to good ole JC, AZ to help get everything ready to head to Wallace the next day.  I was so excited once we got to the woods.  Even though we didn't go all the way to our usual camping place at Ohaco cabin, I was just tickled pink to be in the forest.  I was also pretty excited to use the tent and camping chairs we got as wedding gifts.  I should probably tell you that i've pretty much always camped in a camping trailer.  it's just how my family rolls.  But i'm always (ok, usually) up for new stuff, so i was pretty stoked to try out our tent.  and my parents let us use their air mattress so it's not like we would be sleeping on the ground or anything.  Sam and I set up our tent and then blew up the air mattress and we discovered something very quickly...
our "4 man tent" is very tiny.

So we got a little crafty and deflated the mattress and put it in the tent, and carried the whole thing to the trailer to air it up again. 
and carried it back to our spot.  good thing we're really strong.
The whole weekend was great.  My cousins Sam & Jessica came and spent the whole weekend with us, and Beau & Jessica (notice all the repeating names in our family? yeesh!) and Brad came on Saturday.  
We had fresh corn on the cob every night.

 Sam was very pleased.

Sam's camera has this really cool feature where it detects your smile and takes the picture when your smile is big enough.  So of course we had to try it out.  and when I say "we" i actually mean I held the camera and made them do really big smiles.  

Also, there was a little competition going on all weekend.  The title for dirtiest baby ever was up for grabs.
 This picture really doesn't do Tera's messiness justice.  I think she was only clean the first five minutes we were there.  Somehow I didn't get many pictures of her being messy though. She was probably out playing in the dirt whenever I had the camera out.
 Emmaree was only there for one day and she was some big competition.
maybe it was a tie?

anyway, we had a blast.  here are some more random pictures of the fun.
 Brigette being cute
 Kourtney being pretty and me being weird...
 and vice versa.
And me and the husband =].  don't get me started on that mustache....


Blake and Jordan said...

Your family is so cool! P.S.- I consider it a blessing that blake cant grow a mustache... at least not a real one. haha!

Jessica said...

that was the funniest post ever! I loved the whole air mattres/tiny tent part! You're hilarious!

Allen and Terri said...

I love checking your blog because I just love the way you post! Such an author maybe we should make you our AJB family historian! Love you and your blog is awesome.

Kourtney Dawn said...

Hahaha!!!!! You should check Zach's facebook for a picture of Tera, then you will see that she really was the messiest baby ever!!! Too bad she held out for the dirtiest right after I bathed her!!!! Also, Zach and Sam could have a contest for "lamest mustache ever"!!! Hahaha! Love ya!!!!