Here they are! and in the most random order i could muster up, no less. Ok, so i'm just not feeling up to dragging all the pictures into an order that makes sense. next time i am going to do a post with lots of pictures, someone remind me to upload them in reverse order, k?

Sam is kind of weird sometimes. Like when he chews on my face...

i asked him to hold my bouquet and this is what i got. isn't he so pretty :)

They loved those shoes. Don't let them tell you any differently.

Tera-dactyl. she's just so cute, even if she does steal phones:)

there they are! i think i got a little carried away... i wasn't planning on putting so many on here. i just love them all though! i couldn't stop!


Jessica said...

AWWWW! So cute! You guys are too stinking cute together, I like the pic of Sam trying to eat your cheek, maybe he was just hungry...we were in there for a while... I miss you already!

Natalie said...

That phone was MINE!! I am so cool for letting a child borrow it and run all around the temple grounds with it in her hands... and out of her hands!!!!

Kourtney Dawn said...

You guys are pretty stinkin cute!!!! Sam is such a nut, he totally cracks me up!!! Bahahahaha..... Also, I do love the shoes!!!! Just not how the zippers eat my feet!!!!