Silly Boy

Owen makes me laugh every day.  He is already such a little goofball.  The other day, Zoey was doing something naughty, and I called her a douche bag dog.  After about half a second of silence, Owen just lets out this one syllable chuckle.  Sam and I were cracking up! It was like he knew that she was getting in trouble and wanted to rub it in! On a side note, I should probably stop saying "douche bag" because otherwise it might be Owen's first word.

He has started rolling over a lot.  He first rolled over tummy to back when he was 3 weeks old, but then it was like he didn't want to show off and he wouldn't do it anymore.  Well in the past couple days, he has started rolling a lot from back to tummy.  The other day I was changing his diaper and this happened:
And of course, my phone was in the other room, so I ran off to go get it and take a picture of his naked bum, because apparently I'm that kind of mom.  Also, look at his rolls! He's still on the small side for his age, but he has rolls! YAY!

Just this morning, I put him down under his toy so I could get myself some breakfast.  When I came back to check on him, this is where he was.

Notice that he has scooted, rolled and maneuvered himself so he is out from underneath it, turned the wrong way, and on his belly! I have a feeling he will be crawling all too soon.  Looks like it is time to baby-proof some stuff!


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vab10+ said...

We are proud of you! Way to go, 4 month Mom!! Love ya, Uncle Virgil and Aunt Kari