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In case you haven't noticed, I've been really awesome at keeping everybody informed on this pregnancy... Okay, you caught me, that was a little exaggerated.  In actuality, I've sucked at it.  So I'm here today to give you the basic rundown of what it's been like for me.  It might be a pretty long post, so be warned.

1st Trimester:
Here is my first positive pregnancy test.  I think it's kind of weird to put a picture of something you peed on on the internet... but oh well I guess.  And yes, the picture is upside down.  But the plus sign looks the same either way.  I guess if it bothers you, you can just stand on your head or something. 

I think both of these ultrasounds are from the first trimester? The first is from my first visit to my actual doctor as a pregnant lady. (On a side note, it really bothers me a lot when people say "prego" or "preggers" or something like it instead of pregnant.  I don't know why.)  He was just a little blob, back then.  I was by myself because Sam was working the night shift (as has been the case for every single appointment I've had except for the anatomy ultrasound where we found out we are having a boy.)  I think I was about 8 weeks along.

This second ultrasound picture wasn't planned.  It was my very next appointment.  I was with the nurse practitioner for this appointment and she was having a hard time finding the heartbeat with the belly microphone thing, so she used that as an excuse for her to play with the ultrasound machine and for me to get a couple more pictures.  I was okay with that.  It is seriously crazy to me how much development there is in just 4 weeks.  We decided to tell the world I was pregnant.

The first trimester was weird for me.  I was always so tired around 2 pm.  This is when church started for us (until last week - yay for 9am church now!) so it was SUPER hard to stay awake in sacrament meeting.  
I also had no appetite, which would make me a little bit queasy if I didn't eat enough.  Which is a problem, because the only way to get rid of that feeling is to eat, and who wants to eat when you feel like that?! I never really got the typical morning sickness, but it wasn't pleasant.  Saltine crackers became their own food group for me.  Once, Sam said, "that kid is going to come out holding a box of crackers!"  He makes me laugh.  He also said, "when are you going to get over this sickly phase and into the eating all the time phase?"  Oh, husband...

2nd Trimester:
I'm not posting pictures of the initial anatomy ultrasound, but don't worry.  I had to have a follow up appointment after the anatomy ultrasound because they couldn't get a good view of baby's profile. The only pictures I got from the first one were of his parts (he wasn't too shy about showing them off) and a blurry one of his head.  The second round pictures are much better.  

Little man's head, torso, and arm.

I love this one.  All curled up in a little ball.
Little baby feets. 
The 2nd trimester was better than the first.  I wasn't as exhausted all the time, and I could actually eat some stuff without being grossed out.
My anti-craving for the first trimester was ground beef... well, mostly beef in general (besides a hamburger).  I just couldn't even look at it.  I discovered in this trimester it was the seasoning we used that was causing the sensory problems, so I started seasoning it differently and all was well with the world again.  
I got heartburn a lot this trimester.  The first time it happened was right at bedtime and I seriously wanted to cry.  I went to Joseph City to visit my family and had heartburn basically the whole time I was there.  Then Beau introduced me to the magic of Tums and my life was a little bit easier.  
I first felt the baby moving shortly after we found out the sex.  The movement was a lot stronger than I had expected.  I had heard/read that it is just a little flutter, so I guess I was expecting something like butterfly kisses.  Note to self: flutter does not automatically mean butterfly.
My growing uterus stretched out a ligament shortly after my visit to Joseph City.  That made moving painful.  Still does sometimes a lot of the time.

3rd Trimester so far:
I don't have any pictures from this trimester so far.  I will have another ultrasound in the next week or so, though, so there is still a possibility to see our little guy on the inside again.  
I am currently going to the doctor or nurse practitioner every 2 weeks.  The last couple of times I've gone to see the practitioner I've had to wait at least an hour every time for a 15 minute appointment.  Lame.  My next appointment is with her, so I made it for the earliest slot they had available.  Hopefully I won't have to wait as long!
Speaking of waiting, it's getting unbearable.  Especially since Kourtney just had her little girl yesterday and I am now super ready to have my baby too!  Why does he have to cook for so long?!
We are still debating over the middle name.  I want Blaine (after my brother, since my due date is the day after his birthday), Sam wants Brett (which we had decided on before I decided I wanted to name him after my brother). 
I have the best husband ever.  One day Sam texted me and told me to go treat myself to a manicure and pedicure.  I only got the pedicure (because I'm cheap), but it was wonderful.  As a friend from my ward said, pedicures are the way to a pregnant girl's heart.  Truer words were never spoken.  
Sometimes my feet get swollen and they won't even fit into my cowboy boots, which makes me really sad.  But since it is December and the temperatures are still in the 70s and 80s (lame), this hasn't been too much of a problem because I can usually just wear my flip flops.  This will probably not be the case when we go out of town for Christmas to a place where the seasons actually follow protocol.
I just want to be able to sleep on my stomach again. 
60 days of pregnancy left until the due date... but who's counting?


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Natalie said...

You forgot the part about coming to Mesa and visiting me! That was a vital part of your pregnancy thus far :) Miss you!! I can't wait for the 60 days either so I can meet that littlge guy!