San Diego

Number of times I've seen the movie Anchorman: 1
Number of times out of 10 I want to say, "Stay classy, San Diego.  I'm Ron Burgundy?" whenever I think of or say San Diego:  10.

Anyway, we went to San Diego for a few days this month with my parents, Zach, Kourtney, Brigette, Tera and Austin.  Here's the rundown of our trip:

Thursday night:  Sam gets home from work and we head to Mesa to meet everyone.  Zach and Kourtney were supposed to be on their way already, but their car got broken into.  Thankfully, only a pair of sunglasses was stolen.  So we stay the night in Mesa.  We watched some of Jimmy Fallon's Late Show and this little skit happened.  Many laughs were had.

Friday:  Dad, Mom and Austin leave, and the rest of us go to get the window in the suburban fixed.  We leave and take a weird (scary) detour through a field and closed road, almost run out of gas because Zach forgot to get gas in Yuma,  and eventually show up at the rental house.  We went to the Rock N Roll Marathon Expo and Dad and Kourtney got the stuff for their run.  Back to the house.  Let me just tell you about this house: It was like the people who lived in it wanted to make some money so they just packed up for the weekend and left.  All of their stuff was still there, it was dirty, there was no room for anything of ours, there were dirty clothes in hampers, and mouse poo.  Not what we were expecting, so we got a refund and a hotel.

Saturday:  Sam and I went to a Spanish Session at the San Diego Temple with Mom and Dad.  Sam was excited, and the rest of us got to wear headphones the whole time.  I really just wanted to stay in the temple all day.  I just love going to the temple, and the San Diego temple is the biggest and most beautiful one I've ever been in.  I'm ready to go back now.

Bad picture of me! Yay!
After the temple we went to Sea World! Sam and I had never been before, and I was pretty stoked.  We didn't see everything, and Sam took a lot of pictures of the different animals, but I mostly just have pictures of some of the shows from my phone right now, so they'll have to do.  We had fun, and got to cross Sea World off of our list.

After Sea World, we wanted to go to Olive Garden so Dad and Kourtney could carb-load for the race the next day, but there was about a 2 hour wait, so we found a local place and waited for about 15 minutes instead.  We let a random Marine eat with us.  We're nice sometimes.  

Sunday:  Dad and Kourtney woke up really early to go run 13.1 miles (does anyone else find this completely insane?!). When they got back, we went to Coronado beach.  Sam had never seen the ocean before, and the inlets in town just were not enough for him.  We didn't swim since it was only about 70 degrees outside, but I made Sam walk out into the water.  We decided that when we're millionaires,  we're going to buy a house there and live there sometimes.  

 After the beach we headed to Petco Park for a DBacks vs Padres game.  Another first for Sam.  We got matchy-matchy jerseys for the game.  I was ridiculously excited about that.  Sam had to make his experience authentic.  He had 2 huge hot dogs, and of course, peanuts and cracker jack.  The Diamondbacks won 6-0! I think there were 3 home runs.  It was a pretty good game (for us DBacks fans, anyways!) 

Navy Appreciation day at Petco Park

Super excited!

On Monday we headed home.  Zach, Kourtney, Austin and the girls went to Disneyland.  Even though Sam has never been and I wanted to go, we decided to wait until we have kids old enough to enjoy Disneyland with.  Sam said he would feel silly going, even though I've told him several times that you can never be too old for Disneyland.

Good times.




The Burts said...

I'm so glad you are nice sometimes:) Looks like you had fun!

Kourtney Dawn said...

To bad Zach's driving scares you guys. Otherwise you could've gone to the Happiest Place on earth with us!!! Oh well, it scares me too! We will go together with our little kiddos one of these days!!

Petersens said...

What a fun trip :) We love San Diego. I thought it was cool Sam hadn't ever been to the beach before!