Awkward & Awesome


  • New phone! Woo hoo! We got iPhones for Christmas.  Kind of.  It was after Christmas since there was such a huge demand on them for the holidays, but they still count as Christmas presents if they come in January right? Right.  
  • New case for phone! It's pretty much everything proof.  Which is good since I tend to drop expensive things and make them not so awesome anymore.
  • Sam gave the lesson today in Gospel Doctrine class and I had at least 3 people tell me he did a great job! Go husband!
  • Spending Saturday in Mesa.  Brigette ran the Kids Rock half mile for the Rock N Roll Marathon.  My dad ran with her in cowboy boots and Wranglers.  

Saturday was Tera's (and Tanner's!) birthday.  We went to lunch and she got this ice cream brought to her.  Look how excited and adorable she is!


  • We were in Best Buy the other day and I overheard this - "No, I don't really go to strip clubs.  What fun is it to go somewhere to get all worked up and then have to go home and take care of things myself?" I  quickly stifled my giggle and rushed off to tell Sam what I had heard.
  • My semi-high state after I poured nail polish into eye shadow cases to make a play makeup set for Tera's gift.  
  • I got a text from my lab partner from my Biology lab at NAU today.  It took me a good 5 minutes to figure out who Tammie was, and I only remembered after I googled the number's area code and remembered that she told me she was from Washington.  Nice to know she still cares, although I doubt she even realized that I was still in her contact list.
  • Getting out of church at 5 p.m. Sucks.



Jordan said...

Yay for a new phone! The guys at best buy are still making me giggle!

Jessica said...

Ashley, your blog makes me happy, can you please blog at least twice a week?
Thank you and I love you!

Kourtney Dawn said...

Ahh.. I love my girls!!! That was such a fun day!!!