Last week I bought a book. It was a wonderful book which I finished in two days (because I was holding back trying to make it last a little bit longer. Coulda finished it in one day, but I have a tiny bit of self control).  And it was 25% off at Fry's.

Please read it. You'll be glad you did.  And then we can impatiently wait for the sequels together!

In other reading news, I'm trying to like Twilight again.  The movies absolutely RUINED the books for me. Stupid Kristin Stewart.
Speaking of Twilight... Can we please all tell everyone in the world to stop comparing it to Harry Potter? It drives me crazy! HP is an action/adventure/wizard/fantasy story. Twilight is a romance/vampire/werewolf/fantasy.  So when people compare Hermione's reaction to Ron leaving to Bella's reaction to Edward leaving, I want to rip my hair out.  It would be like comparing Pride & Prejudice to War of the Worlds.  Just doesn't make sense.  Ok, rant over.

But seriously. Make it stop.


Tawni said...

Harry Potter trumps Twilight, nuff said yo. PS, I am trying to re-read Breaking Dawn since I've only read it once before. And that's when we took turns reading it out loud. We were really cool back then :)

Jessica said...

Oh yay! I need a new good book to read! And I totally agree times 10 with everything you said about the HP and Twilight!

The Burts said...

OOO I have been waiting and wanting to read this book! I will let you know how much I love it