This & That

I'm sure you're all dying to know what has been happening around here lately. So I will tell you.

After tonight, Sam will have worked 4 of his 7 days off.  This means a bigger paycheck to help out with the holidays, but a grumpier me.

I learned last night that Sam has never seen The Grinch. GASP! It's only one of the best Christmas movies EVER!

Speaking of Christmas, I was pretty sad because i didn't think we would be able to have a tree this year because 1. the tree Jessica gave me is still in Joseph City and 2. we would have probably had to move our table outside in order for the tree to fit in our little apartment and 3. I'm sure Zoey would love to eat an entire Christmas tree.  Luckily for me, Jessica gave me the idea of a Charlie Brown Tree! Genius! I'm pretty sure Sam thinks that us having a Christmas tree is unnecessary, but I'm also pretty sure he knows I would have been a little bit sad devastated if he wouldn't have let me get one.  So here is our 3' tall (short?) tree.  I got it at Target for $5 off the listed price and was very proud of myself.  I also got those tiny ornament balls. But no star, because I am an airhead and didn't buy one.

Moving right along here...

A while ago, Zoey went through a phase where she liked to hang out on my shoulders.  I was worried for a while that she might be part parrot, but no worries, she hasn't sprouted wings or a beak yet.

Also, Zoey lost some teeth. I thought it was HI-larious!  They have mostly all been replaced by permanent teeth by now, but I took this picture a couple weeks ago and I still laugh at it whenever I see it.

But, since she is teething, she likes to chew on things even more now, which i did not think was possible.  Today, she destroyed one of Sam's flip flops. I guess you can say it no longer flips, it just flops.  Also, she's been working on the cord for my computer.  I just had a mini heart attack when I plugged it in to charge it a few minutes ago and the charge light didn't come on immediately.  No worries, my heart and my computer cord are still in working condition.

Mom and Kourtney came to visit.  It was a grand time! We didn't go to the zoo like I had hoped because it was as close to freezing as it probably ever has been this time of the year in Tucson.  We're talking some really cold wind, people. So instead, we went to the Foothills mall... twice, and  Kourtney and I had a little too much fun in Claire's.  

Oh, and no worries, we still went to see Harry Potter.  My brother-in-law, T came to babysit the little girls and we were able to go.  I. Loved. That. Movie.  Also, Brigette was pretty funny when T showed up.  First, she asked where his little boy was.  Um... T does not have children.  Nor does he have any friends that could be considered "little boys."  I have no idea where she got that idea.  Next, she said, "I thought he had hair!"  Hahahaha! Kourtney had to explain that T is like Papa and he doesn't have any hair.  Oh boy, Brigette is a nut!

Here is a blog post that has provided many tears of laughter for me and Sam.  I suggest reading it because it is funny.

Yesterday, Sam and I were looking for something to do with our free time, and I found this:
Last summer, my Grandma taught me and Kourtney how to crochet.  We were super stoked.  I even took this bad boy to college with me so I could work on it... which I never did.  But yesterday my desire to crochet came back.  It took me a couple of tries, but I remembered how to do it.  And after I realized that this scarf that I am making is as long as my bed, I decided that I should maybe make this a blanket or something.  We'll see if my ambition lasts long enough for me to crochet a blanket.... It might end up just being a crocheted thing that is too wide and long to be a scarf but not wide enough to be a blanket.  Maybe by the time I have my first (or last) kid, it will be a blanket? Well, here's to wishful thinking!

Also, I have a question for all of you.  Where has the year gone!? I can't believe Christmas is less than 3 weeks away!

P.S. Kourtney - What does your family want for Christmas? We have no idea what to get you and a hint would be nice... Just sayin...


Allen and Terri said...

As always such a funny post!! Your mama luvs you too much!
keep on posting and your Christmas tree is sooo cute!!

Jessica said...

I LOVE this post and I'm so happy you got a tiny tree! Everyone needs a tree! (and Kourtney told me (in secret) that she wanted those hats and glasses from Claire's!)

I have to agree about this year flying by...except that now its taking FOREVER for Christmas to get here! I want it to hurry so you and Sam and Blaine and his family can all be here! I have so many fun ideas for it...well not yet, but I have plans to make plans for lots of fun times...:) trust me, it'll be AWESOME!!!

Also, I wish you could stay at my house. Because me and Beau are the funnest... Its not big enough tho:( we could kick the boys out of their room and you could have the bunk bed- just a thought... and are you bringing Zoey? I don't think you should leave her alone for 3 weeks...you are staying 3 weeks, right?

Velika said...

I love your tree! We had (and still have) most likey that exact tree our first Christmas in our tiny townhouse. 9 yrs later we are in a bigger townhouse, but still use the small tree because I like it! (Also, this year if we got a big tree Anne would just eat it, so a small one on a table is much safer!)
And you should absolutely make the scarf into a blanket, you'll be surprised how fast they go. My one and only crochet project was a blanket and it went really fast!

Blake and Jordan said...

Your tree is adorable! And I decided that Zoe is stinkin cute! She is like a little baby- teething and all:) AND- I think that you should make it a "BLARF". Blanket/Scarf. Too big to be a scarf, too small to be a blanket... just enough cozy to keep you warm.
ps- I love the background! The colors and reindeer are awesome!

Kourtney Dawn said...

Jordan- A BLARF!!!! Bahahahahaha!!!! OK- So I am still laughing after laughing all the way through your post!!!! Those pictures of me are hideous (Thanks for showing to whole blogging community, which thanks to FB, it is smaller!!!) Jessica is correct I really am DYING to have the hats and sunglasses. Especially the headband/hat one!!! Don't make fun of tiny Charlie Brown, piddlin side of puny Christmas Trees, thats all I have. Now Gessa has one too!!!! (hehe) Ummm... for Christmas I would like.... umm idk!!! Just you baby!!! Ok- the pic of Zoey missing teeth, I laughed when I remembered if I asked you if that was normal, and it kinda scared you!!!! Haha!!! Anyways... I love you, start publishing childrens books or something!!!!

Kourtney Dawn said...

I couldnt finish reading the dog post. I was laughing so hard I cried, and I think it pissed mom off!!!